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Saigon Language School has built a strong workforce and methodical workflow, so it can provide translation services with the best efficiency and the most reasonable cost. We set up translation groups including Vietnamese – Japanese staff, so we ensure the most accurate and natural translation products.

1 page A4 Simple text Normal text
Japanese – Vietnamese 25 USD 35 USD (Translation fees may vary depending on the content)
Vietnamese – Japanese 35 USD 45 USD (Translation fees may vary depending on the content)


  • * Simple text: Documents and letters to relatives and friends with simple content.
  • * Normal text: Documents, work documents, articles with ordinary content, not too specialized.
  • * Specification:

    Japanese: Font 11 point, 35 words x 25 lines / page

    Vietnamese: Font 14 point, 20 words x 25 lines / page

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    Step 1

    Receive service requests from customers

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    Step 2

    Customers officially book or send confirmation to use the service

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    Step 3

    Send expense notification

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    Step 4

    Partial payment received

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    Step 5

    Start performing the service

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    Step 6

    End of service

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    Step 7

    Get paid (rest), provide invoices

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