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Lam phuoc nguyen

After nearly 4 years studying at SLC, from someone who didn’t even know あ い う え お, I took the N2 JLPT (Especially when my N3 読 解 test was still 満 点) and I was firmly on my way to N1 in November 7/2020. Therefore, I feel very lucky to have attended SLC.
– My first impression with SLC is that the teachers of the center (both Japanese and Vietnamese teachers) have solid knowledge and countless “tips” to help you improve your grades in exams (especially JLPT). In addition, both teachers and counselors of the center are extremely young, dynamic, will take care of you “every piece of sleep” until you become talented!!!
– Especially, I am very impressed by Mr. Dinh, the first teacher who has “guided” me at SLC. The teacher is very interesting, lively and easy to understand. He is a bit fat like Doraemon so extremely cute.
– The curriculum at SLC the curriculum is complete, diverse and constantly updated.
– Regarding facilities: facilities in the heart of Saigon, cool classrooms, adequate teaching facilities, large parking spaces to ensure no hustle and scratches on the car ….
– There is also a special Christmas Event “quality like distilled water” to help you “open your mouth” in Japanese and have the opportunity to have fun with teachers and friends.
In short, come to SLC and start with JLPT like me!!!
I wish you were, are and will be students of SLC have a fun and effective Japanese learning process.
I firmly believe that SLC will always accompany and support you to achieve many high results.


Bui thi nhai

I used to study at another center but it didn’t work very well. Since I moved to the Saigon Language Center, I find myself learning a lot and my teachers are very enthusiastic, my kaiwa is much better now Thank you Center will continue to study higher sir.


Huynh Kim Huong

My first impression when coming to SLC was that the facilities were very good, the friendly advisors were enthusiastic to support and the teachers were very dedicated. During the learning process, I was able to contact the teachers who Japan, comfortable classrooms are not as restrictive as in mainstream schools.
The lesson is moderate, practice speaking quite a lot and moreover there are many suitable time frames for you to choose


Le Nguyen Song Khue

I have been studying at SLC for nearly 3 years now, the time I spent studying at SLC is the funniest time for me. I can make many new friends and have the opportunity to get closer. Japanese culture, which I love for 5 years. The teachers at SLC are so cute and fun, during class, although I often say things that are quite confusing, the teachers are always looking for ways to help me convey what I want to say in Japanese so that it is easy to understand and teach myself. most naturally.
Wish SLC will continue to develop and be more successful in the future.


Phan Vũ Anh Duy

I studied SLC from the beginning and persevered until now, and still intend to continue in the future. The teachers are very dedicated to helping with instructional issues, facilities and a system of learning materials that are also convenient for learning.
Hope teachers continue to support in the future


Ngô Hiền Nhân – Ngô Đình Tâm

My son and my brother attended the Saigon Language Center – also known as SLC – for a very long time and have been taught by many teachers both Japanese and Vietnamese. I am very grateful to the teachers for bringing us not only useful knowledge but also attention, sharing and sympathy. These are reminders, reminders for each lesson, lovely pictures and stories that help us remember the lesson, and most importantly the encouragement when you fail. I am very happy that I have been and will continue to attend this special school and will try my best in the future.

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